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Bizarre fact #3501:
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Experiments conducted in Germany and at the University of Southampton in England show that even mild and incidental noises cause the pupils of the eyes to dilate. It is believed that this is why surgeons, watchmakers, and others who perform delicate manual operations are so bothered by noise. The sounds cause their pupils to change focus and blur their vision.

Bizarre fact #2082:
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In her entire lifetime, Spain's Queen Isabella (1451-1504) bathed twice.

Bizarre fact #3561:
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The shockwave from a nitroglycerine explosion travels at 17,000 miles per hour.

Bizarre fact #371:
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Approximately 125 people die in the United States from an anaphylaxis to foods each year.

Bizarre fact #551:
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The Snickers chocolate bar was invented in 1930.

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