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Bizarre Fact #81:
Did you know...
Diane Sheer holds the record for licking the most stamps in a five minute period. She slobbered on 225 of the little things.

Bizarre Fact #82:
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The most powerful earthquake to strike the United States occurred in 1811 in New Madrid, Missouri. The quake shook more than one million square miles, and was felt as far as 1,000 miles away.

Bizarre Fact #83:
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Strangeray Springs cattle station in South Australia is the largest ranch in the world. It's area, 30,029 square kilometers, and is only slightly smaller than the European country of Belgium.

Bizarre Fact #84:
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At 840,000 square miles, Greenland is the largest island in the world. It is 3 times the size of Texas. By comparison Iceland is only 39,800 square miles.

Bizarre Fact #85:
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Most insects used in a film: 22 million bees in The Swarm.

Bizarre Fact #86:
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Hawaii's Mount Waialeale is the wettest place in the world - it rains about ninety per cent of the time, about 480 inches per annum.

Bizarre Fact #87:
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When stuntman and parachutist Dar Robinson leaped from the ledge of the 1,170 foot high CN Tower in Toronto, he was paid $150,000, the most ever for a single stunt.

Bizarre Fact #88:
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Tom Wolfe was paid $5 million for the film rights to his novel, Bonfire of the Vanities, the most ever earned by an author.

Bizarre Fact #89:
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The CN Tower, in Toronto, is the tallest free standing structure in the world.

Bizarre Fact #90:
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The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world.

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