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Bizarre Fact #51:
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The mother of all mothers? The largest number of children born to one woman is recorded at 69. From 1725-1765 a Russian peasant woman gave birth to 16 sets of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets.

Bizarre Fact #52:
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According to the Airport Council International, Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta, Georgia is the busiest airport in the world. Hartsfield served 73,474,298 passengers in 1998, followed by Chicago O'Hare, Los Angeles, and London's Heathrow.

Bizarre Fact #53:
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The escalator in the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia is the longest freestanding escalator in the world, rising 160 feet or approximately eight stories in height.

Bizarre Fact #54:
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Andrzej Makowski is the youngest person on record to receive a driver's license. He received his license when he was just 14 years and 8 months old.

Bizarre Fact #55:
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As of September 1998, the highest recorded mileage for a car was 1,615,000 miles for a 1966 Volvo P-1800.

Bizarre Fact #56:
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The A & P was the first chain-store business to be established. It began in 1842.

Bizarre Fact #57:
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Christianity has over a billion followers. Islam is next in representation with half this number.

Bizarre Fact #58:
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Groundbreaking is set to happen later this year in Chicago, Illinois for a new skyscraper. 7 South Dearborn Avenue will rise to a height of 1,550 feet at its rooftop and an additional 450 feet of HDTV Antennas will be attached to it's roof. This architectural marvel was inspired by the mast of a racing yacht and will sit on a 200ft lot. Currently the world's tallest building is the Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Petronas Towers measures 1,483ft.

Bizarre Fact #59:
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The Corinthian columns in the National Building Museum in Washington, DC, are among the tallest in the world at 75 feet high, 8 feet in diameter, 25 feet in circumference, each built of 70,000 bricks.

Bizarre Fact #60:
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The largest incense stick ever made was almost fifteen-feet long and six-inches thick.

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