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Bizarre Fact #31:
Did you know...
The duration record for a face-slapping contest was set in Kiev, USSR, in 1931 when a draw was declared between Bezbordny and Goniusch after 30 hours.

Bizarre Fact #32:
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Did you know that the beam of light shining from the top of the Luxor hotel is the most powerful in the world. The equivalent of 40 billion candle power, the beam is visible to airplanes from a distance of 250 miles.

Bizarre Fact #33:
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On March 16, 1970, a bidder at Sotheby & Company in London paid $20,000 for one glass paperweight.

Bizarre Fact #34:
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Guinness Book of Records holds the record for being the book most often stolen from Public Libraries.

Bizarre Fact #35:
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At the turn of the last millennium, Dublin Ireland had the largest slave market in the world, run by the Vikings.

Bizarre Fact #36:
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The Stratosphere Hotel and Casino is 1,149 feet tall, making it the tallest building west of the Mississippi River.

Bizarre Fact #37:
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The Rogun Dam is the world's highest. The only problem is that it's located in Vakhsh, Tajikistan. Even downtown Vakhsh is off the beaten tourist path.

Bizarre Fact #38:
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The Pentagon is twice the size of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, and has three times the floor space of the Empire State Building in New York. It is one of the world's largest office buildings.

Bizarre Fact #39:
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The smallest volcano in the world is Taal.

Bizarre Fact #40:
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The largest employer in the world is the Indian railway system, employing over a million people.

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