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Plants and Nature

Bizarre Fact #31:
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The Sitka spruce is Britain's most commonly planted tree.

Bizarre Fact #32:
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The slippers plant (bulbo stylis) of Haiti looks like a pair of fuzzy slippers.

Bizarre Fact #33:
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The squirting cucumber (Ecballium elaterium), when brushed by a passerby, ejects its seeds and a stream of poisonous juice that stings the skin.

Bizarre Fact #34:
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The telegraph plant of Asia has leaves that flutter constantly, even when there is no breeze.

Bizarre Fact #35:
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The tree dictated on the Lebanese flag is a Cedar.

Bizarre Fact #36:
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The woman's tongue of Zanzibar is a plant with pods full of seeds which rattle continuously.

Bizarre Fact #37:
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There are an estimated 285,000 species of flowering plants on Earth compared to 148,000 for all other plants. Flowering plants are very important because they provide food for herbivores - plant-eating animals - and for humans.

Bizarre Fact #38:
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Trees do not have life expectancies like humans. Some in California are believed to be four-thousand years old or more. How can trees live so long? The simple answer is that they're not as complex as people. So, as long as conditions are right, trees continue to live and grow, until something interrupts it.

Bizarre Fact #39:
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While known as a painter, sculptor, architect, and engineer, Leonard da Vinci was the first to record that the number of rings in the cross section of a tree trunk revealed its age. He also discovered that the width between the rings indicated the annual moisture.

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