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Bizarre Fact #201:
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The shoestring was invented in England in 1790, Prior to this time all shoes were fastened with buckles.

Bizarre Fact #202:
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The single blade window cleaning squeegee was invented in 1936 by Ettore Sceccone and is still the most common form of commercial window cleaning today.

Bizarre Fact #203:
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The 'spot' on 7UP comes from its inventor who had red eyes. He was albino.

Bizarre Fact #204:
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The state of Maine was once known as the "Earmuff Capital of The World". Earmuffs were invented there by Chester Greenwood in 1873.

Bizarre Fact #205:
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The Super BallĀ® was born in 1965, and it became America's most popular plaything that year. By Christmas time, only six months after it was introduced by Wham-O, 7 million balls had been sold at 98 cents apiece. Norman Stingley, a California chemist, invented the bouncing gray ball. In his spare time, he had compressed a synthetic rubber material under 3,500 pounds of pressure per square inch, and eventually created the remarkable ball. It had a resiliency of 92 percent, about three times that of a tennis ball, and could bounce for long periods. It was reported that presidential aide McGeorge Bundy had five dozen Super BallsĀ® shipped to the White House for the amusement of staffers.

Bizarre Fact #206:
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The toilet was invented by an Englishman named Thomas Crapper.

Bizarre Fact #207:
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The toothbrush was invented in 1498.

Bizarre Fact #208:
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The waffle iron was invented August 24, 1869.

Bizarre Fact #209:
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The windmill originated in Iran in AD 644. It was used to grind grain.

Bizarre Fact #210:
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The world's first underground railway, between Paddington (Bishop's Road) and Farringdon Street - with trains hauled by steam engines - was opened by the Metropolitan Railway on January 10th 1863. The initial section was six km (nearly four miles) in length, and provided both a new commuter rail service and an onward rail link for passengers arriving at Paddington, Euston and King's Cross main line stations to the City of London.

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