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Bizarre Fact #181:
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The first VCR, made in 1956, was the size of a piano.

Bizarre Fact #182:
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The first words that Thomas A. Edison spoke into the phonograph were, "Mary had a little lamb."

Bizarre Fact #183:
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The game that would become Scrabble was created by an unemployed architect, Alfred Mosher Butts in the early 1930s. He called it Lexiko, then Criss Cross Words and then sold the rights to James Brunot. In 1948 it was renamed Scrabble and was manufactured in a converted school house in Connecticut. Bruno sold the game to Selchow and Righter, who were bought out by Coleco in 1987, and in 1989 Milton Bradley bought it. More than 100 million Scrabble games have been sold worldwide.

Bizarre Fact #184:
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The guillotine was originally called a louisette. Named for Antoine Louis, the French surgeon who invented it. It became known as the guillotine for Joseph Ignace Guillotin, the French physician who advocated it as a more merciful means of execution than the noose or ax.

Bizarre Fact #185:
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The horse race starting gate is a Canadian invention, designed in the early 1900s by Philip McGinnis, a racetrack reporter from Huntingdon, Quebec. The device proved popular because it prevented arguments caused when horses started prematurely.

Bizarre Fact #186:
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The hypodermic needle was invented in 1853. It was initially used for giving injections of morphine as a painkiller. Physicians mistakenly believed that morphine would not be addictive if it by-passed the digestive tract.

Bizarre Fact #187:
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The man who invented shorthand, John Gregg, was deaf.

Bizarre Fact #188:
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The modern zipper, the Talon Slide Fastener, was invented in 1913 but didn't catch on until after World War I. The first dresses incorporating the zipper appeared in the 1930's.

Bizarre Fact #189:
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The monkey wrench is named after its inventor, a London blacksmith named Charles Moncke.

Bizarre Fact #190:
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The Nobel Prize resulted from a late change in the will of Alfred Nobel, who did not want to be remembered after his death as a propagator of violence - he invented dynamite.

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