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Bizarre Fact #121:
Did you know...
Lobster shift is a colloquial term for the night shift of a newspaper staff.

Bizarre Fact #122:
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Mrs. is the abbreviation of Mistress, which originally was a title and form of address for a married woman. It was always capitalized.

Bizarre Fact #123:
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White elephants were rare even in Siam (the modern Thailand). If you found one the emperor automatically owned it and you couldn't harm it. When the emperor wanted to punish someone, he gave him or her a white elephant as a "gift." They couldn't ride it or work it, but they still had to take care of it and clean up after it. And you know what elephants do besides eat. So the gift was useless. Hence the expression.

Bizarre Fact #124:
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To whinge is Australian slang for "to complain constantly."

Bizarre Fact #125:
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Turnip used to be a U.S. slang expression for a pocket watch.

Bizarre Fact #126:
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Romanji is a system of writing Japanese using the Latin alphabet.

Bizarre Fact #127:
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Toboggan is derived from the Algonquin language and loosely meant "instrument with which to drag a cord."

Bizarre Fact #128:
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Yakka means "hard work" in Australian slang.

Bizarre Fact #129:
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Graffito is the little-used singular of the much used plural word graffiti.

Bizarre Fact #130:
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Hoi polloi is a Greek phrase meaning "the many". Hoi polloi are the masses.

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