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Bizarre Fact #41:
Did you know...
Former U.S. President William Taft converted the White House stable into a four car garage in 1909.

Bizarre Fact #42:
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France is known as the perfume capital of the world.

Bizarre Fact #43:
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Frisbee got its name from William Russel Frisbee, who was a pie baker. He used to sell his pies in a thin tin pan, which had Frisbee written on it. When Walter Frederick Morrison thought of the idea of making saucer like disks to play catch, he visited the campus of Yale and noticed people there were using the pie pan to play catch so he therefore renamed his invention to Frisbee.

Bizarre Fact #44:
Did you know...
Harley Proctor got the idea to name the soap "Ivory" while he was listening to a bible reading at a church in 1879.

Bizarre Fact #45:
Did you know...
High Priests in ancient Egypt were the only ones who were allowed to wear garments made from cotton.

Bizarre Fact #46:
Did you know...
Huge Moore, the inventor of Dixie cups got the idea for the name from a neighboring factory, the Dixie Doll Company.

Bizarre Fact #47:
Did you know...
Hundreds of years ago, only the wealthy people used to wear underwear.

Bizarre Fact #48:
Did you know...
In 1902, the coat hanger was invented Albert Parkhouse who was frustrated at the lack of hooks available to hang up his coat at work. His company thought it was a good idea and patented the invention and unfortunately, Parkhouse never received any money for his idea.

Bizarre Fact #49:
Did you know...
In 1903, there were originally only eight Crayola crayons in a box and they sold for five cents.

Bizarre Fact #50:
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In 1924, Kleenex tissues were originally designed as a cold cream remover.

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