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Household Products

Bizarre Fact #131:
Did you know...
Walmart-mart sells more apparel a year than all the other competing department stores combined.

Bizarre Fact #132:
Did you know...
Washing machines use anywhere from 40 to 200 litres of water per load.

Bizarre Fact #133:
Did you know...
When telephone companies first began hiring telephone operators, they chose teenage boys for the job. They switched to women because the teenage boys were wrestling instead of working and pulling pranks on callers.

Bizarre Fact #134:
Did you know...
John F. Kennedy's rocking chair was auctioned off for $453,500.

Bizarre Fact #135:
Did you know...
Maine is the toothpick capital of the world.

Bizarre Fact #136:
Did you know...
Q-Tip Cotton Swabs were originally called Baby Gays.

Bizarre Fact #137:
Did you know...
The idea of Christmas cards was invented by Englishman Henry Cole in 1843.

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