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Bizarre Fact #11:
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During the Gold Rush in 1849, some people paid as much as $100 for a simple glass of water.

Bizarre Fact #12:
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Edward VIII did not become the King of England as he abdicated the throne to marry an American divorcee.

Bizarre Fact #13:
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Ever since 1944 the town of Bunol, which is near Valencia, Spain has a festival called "Tomatina." The festival occurs once a year on the last Wednesday of the month of August. People have a huge food fight and throw tomatoes at each other, and this festival is considered the world's largest food fight.

Bizarre Fact #14:
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From 1526 to 1707, the first six Mogul emperors of India ruled in unbroken succession from father to son.

Bizarre Fact #15:
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Great Britain was the first country to issue postage stamps in 1840.

Bizarre Fact #16:
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Hitler was voted Time Magazine's man of the year in 1938.

Bizarre Fact #17:
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In 1281, the Mongol army of Kublai Khan tried to invade Japan but were ravaged by a hurricane that destroyed their fleet.

Bizarre Fact #18:
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In 1685, New France used playing cards as currency because of the shortage of coins.

Bizarre Fact #19:
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In 1693, the postage rate of a letter was determined by how much light went through the letter. The less the light went through the letter the more expensive the rate would be. This technique was referred to as candling.

Bizarre Fact #20:
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In 1755, the first Canadian post office opened in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The fist Deputy Postmaster General was American inventor Benjamin Franklin who was later dismissed for sympathizing with the American revolutionary cause.

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