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Health and Body

Bizarre Fact #221:
Did you know...
Women on average live seven years longer than men do.

Bizarre Fact #222:
Did you know...
It is possible to get high by licking a toad. The Cane Toad produces a toxin called bufotenine to ward off predators. When licked, this toxin acts as a hallucinogen.

Bizarre Fact #223:
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Teenage cosmetic surgeries nearly doubled in the USA between 1996 and 1998.

Bizarre Fact #224:
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Enamel is hardest substance in the human body.

Bizarre Fact #225:
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The reason why tattoos do not vanish even though we shed our skin is because the dye is injected deeper into the dermis part of the skin. It is only the epidermis that we shed.

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