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Bizarre Fact #41:
Did you know...
Alexander the Great was tutored by Aristotle.

Bizarre Fact #42:
Did you know...
Although John F. Kennedy was reportedly an accomplished yo-yo player, the yo-yo that has commanded the highest price at auction was autographed by President Nixon. This yo-yo was given to "King of Country Music" Roy Acuff onstage at the Grand Ole Opry in 1972, after Nixon introduced Acuff's act. Acuff was famous for yo-yoing on stage and encouraged the President to try. Luckily, the President's awkward performance was captured in a classic news wire photo. The yo-yo fetched $16,029.00 at Acuff's estate auction.

Bizarre Fact #43:
Did you know...
Anthea Turner, Walt Disney, Tom Cruise, Susan Hampshire, Whoopi Goldberg, Thomas Edison, Henry Winkler, Cher, Brian Conley, and Leonardo DaVinci are, or were, dyslexic.

Bizarre Fact #44:
Did you know...
Arnold Schwarzenegger began his transition from Austrian bodybuilder into an American film star when he made his screen debut in 1970 under the name "Arnold Strong" in "Hercules Goes Bananas."

Bizarre Fact #45:
Did you know...
Artist Andy Warhol became famous for his painting of Campbell's Soup cans. Before that - he made his living painting shoes for advertisements.

Bizarre Fact #46:
Did you know...
At age 13, Carl Sandburg quit school to work as a day laborer.

Bizarre Fact #47:
Did you know...
At age 16 Confucius was a corn inspector.

Bizarre Fact #48:
Did you know...
At last check, the governor of Arkansas makes $60,000 a year. His salary is the lowest of all 50 states. A dozen or so states pay their governors more than $100,000 year, generally the more populous states. California pays its governor $131,000. Illinois comes in second at $130,000 and change, with New York, a close third at $130,000 even.

Bizarre Fact #49:
Did you know...
At the 1970 Oscar ceremonies, buxom Raquel Welch presented the award for best "special visual effects."

Bizarre Fact #50:
Did you know...
Attila the Hun was a dwarf. Pepin the Short, Aesop, Gregory the Tours, Charles 3 of Naples, and the Pasha Hussein were all less than 3.5 feet tall.

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