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Bizarre Fact #21:
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The first restaurant to open in Hollywood was the Musso & Frank Grill in 1919.

Bizarre Fact #22:
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The longest Hollywood kiss was from the 1941 film, "You're in the Army Now." It lasted for three minutes and three seconds.

Bizarre Fact #23:
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The name "Muppet" was coined by Jim Henson. The word was made from a combination of the word "marionette" and "puppet."

Bizarre Fact #24:
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The oldest roller coaster in the world is the Leap-The-Dips roller coaster located in Lakemont Park in Pennsylvania. The roller coaster was built in 1902.

Bizarre Fact #25:
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The TV show Doctor Who, when it was popular, had an audience of 110 million people.

Bizarre Fact #26:
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In 1939 Irving Berlin composed a Christmas song but thought so little of it that he never showed it to anybody. He just tossed it into a trunk and didn't see fit to retrieve it until he needed it for a Bing Crosby-Fred Astaire movie, HOLIDAY INN 10 years later.
Bing Crosby was a staunch Catholic and at first refused to sing the song because he felt it tended to commercialize Christmas. He finally agreed, took eighteen minutes to make the recording, and then the "throw-away" song become an all-time hit.
Crosby's version has sold over 40 million copies. All together, this song has appeared in 750 versions, selling 6 million copies of sheet music and 90,000,000 recordings ,just in the United States and Canada.
You might not recognize the song from the movie HOLIDAY INN...or from the composer's name of Irving Berlin. But you're bound to know it because it's on everyone's list of Christmas favorites: WHITE CHRISTMAS.

Bizarre Fact #27:
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A short time before Lincoln's assassination, he dreamed he was going to die, and he related his dream to the Senate.

Bizarre Fact #28:
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Abigail Adams was the wife of John Adams, second president of the US, and mother of John Quincy Adams, who became the sixth US president in 1825. Her grandson, Charles Adam, also aimed to be president, but failed to get his party's nomination.

Bizarre Fact #29:
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Abraham Lincoln had a wart on his face.

Bizarre Fact #30:
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Abraham Lincoln's political experience before he became president was a two year term in the House of Representatives.

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