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Bizarre fact #3873:
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According to the US Government people have tried nearly 28,000 different ways to lose weight.

Bizarre fact #3851:
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Per a national survey, 80 percent of U.S. teachers in grades kindergarten through eighth grade have received chocolate as a gift from their students.

Bizarre fact #3710:
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In Germany, shaking hands with the other hand in a pocket is considered impolite. In Mali, men shake hands with women only if women offer their hand first. The handshake is often done with the left hand touching the other person's elbow as well.

Bizarre fact #2180:
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The music hall entertainer Nosmo King derived his stage name from a 'No Smoking' sign.

Bizarre fact #4406:
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One of the world's tallest, fastest roller coasters: Buffalo Bill's 'Desperado'.

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