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Bizarre fact #2471:
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The birthplace of Elvis was in Tupelo.

Bizarre fact #1034:
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Every second, two Barbie dolls are sold somewhere in the world.

Bizarre fact #3075:
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Paul McCartney's younger brother, Michael, formed a group of his own, known as "The Scaffold" and goes by the name "Mike McGear". He is mentioned in the lyric of "Let 'Em In" as "Brother Michael" (available on McCartney's "Wings At The Speed Of Sound" album).

Bizarre fact #32:
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Any animal that has skin hair or fur can get dandruff, but in animals it is called "dander."

Bizarre fact #3919:
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Pennies, plural, have value to most Americans. A penny, singular, does not. Almost half of Americans say they would not bother to bend over to pick up a penny on the street, but more than half of us report having stashes of pennies laying around the house.

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